Working with Suppliers


We currently have 165 suppliers, who between them use 832 Tier 1 and 2 factories. In total we source from 25 countries. Our regional Ethical Trade teams are located in our main sourcing regions – China, Eastern Europe, India, Turkey and the US – where over 88% of the factories making our products are located. More information on tier levels can be found in our Modern Slavery Statement.

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Here are some examples of the way we engage with our suppliers on ethical trade:
– Supply chain mapping: we work with the Sustainable Sourcing team to map our supply chain beyond tier one factories.

-Factory assessments: we carried out 487 audits between September 2016 and 2017 to check how factories are performing against our standards and to give support where needed.  All audits are now unannounced, giving us a more realistic picture of actual working conditions.

– Supplier support: we continue to help our suppliers to make necessary improvements at the factory level by giving guidance on difficult issues.  We held five regional supplier and factory conferences in the past financial year to raise awareness of key issues and offer advice to suppliers on how to address them.  A total of 138 factories and 124 suppliers were represented across these conferences.

“I believe MARKET MARK would work with us to resolve issues. The answer is not just to walk away, but to help factories to improve worker conditions.”